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Oil and Natural Gas Wear Parts

Major oil and natural gas companies rely on our Tungsten Carbide Drilling Components, Ceramic Pump Components, Tool Steel Wear Parts, M.W.D. Components and many other specialized oil wear parts.

Our exceptional service, experienced personnel and trained machinists have given us an excellent reputation in many industries. Our dependable delivery and competitive pricing, along with our quality assurance and on time delivery programs, has resulted in customer retention and growth in the Oil & Natural Gas Industry.

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Oil Natural Gas Wear Parts

Types Of Oil And Natural Gas Wear Parts And Specialty Components

M.W.D. Components

  • Mud Deflectors
  • Valve Seats and Stems
  • Rotors and Stators
  • Erosion Sleeves
  • Flow Restrictor Bearings
  • Main Pulser Components
    • Orifices
    • Solid Carbide or Two- Piece Threaded Nozzles
  • Seal Rings
  • Ported Flow Cages
  • Thrust Bearings

Drilling Components

  • Stratapax Cutters
  • Mud Nozzles
  • Solid Carbide Threaded Mud Nozzles
  • Cutting Bits
  • Mud Motor Bearings

Choke and Trim Components

  • Flow Control Components
  • Gates and Seats
  • Bushings

High Pressure Pump Components

  • Solid Carbide and Ceramic Plungers
  • Nozzles
  • Seats and Stems
  • Flow Tubes

Oil and Natural Gas Wear Parts PDF

Oil Natural Gas Wear Parts PDF

Basic Carbide provides the highest-quality Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic, Tool Steel Wear Parts, M.W.D. components and other specialized parts for corrosive and abrasive applications.


Carbide Grade Chart

Grade Chart PDF

Basic Carbide offers many Tungsten Carbide, Nickel and Submicron Grades to meet your specifications.

Natural Gas Wear Parts Specialty Components
MWD Components