Large Preforms, High Quantities, Custom Grades, and Quick Turnaround

Basic Carbide specializes in custom-made tungsten carbide preforms in both Cobalt and Nickel grades. This includes our special cobalt Wire EDM grade.

  • We produce parts up to 20 inches (508 mm) in diameter and up to 44 inches (1117.60 mm) in length.
  • Our pressing plant give us the capability to produce high-quantity runs on most types of parts.
  • Basic Carbide produces custom powder grades.

With fast quoting and speedy turnaround on emergency situations, Basic Carbide Corporation is a reliable partner in meeting your carbide needs. To learn more, call us at 1-800-426-4291 or use our Contact Form today.


Product Lines

Basic Carbide manufactures a wide variety of blanks and preforms for industries world-wide.

Our product lines include: seal rings, saw blades, drill blanks, milling tool blanks, roto knives, and wear parts. To learn more, visit our Products Lines page.

Basic Carbide performs special processing, including installing soft plugs for tapping, cobalt-treating surfaces to facilitate brazing, special sintering for Wire E.D.M. processing, and sinter-H.I.P. processing.

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