Basic Carbide Tungsten Carbide Recycling, Made Easy

At Basic Carbide we are serious about keeping our environment CLEAN & GREEN. As we grow our business, we are also nurturing our recycle program to you and all of our customers. It is as easy as making us your first contact for carbide recycling. Our ongoing efforts to reduce negative impacts on our world’s environment is a company KPI priority for all employees, at Basic Carbide.

The Basic Carbide Corporation is proud to be a leader, in being a total solution provider.

  • Carbide Dust
  • Carbide Sludge
  • Carbide Solids
  • Carbide Stampings
  • Carbide Gradings

Please call Jonathan Goodrum at (724)-446-1630 or 1-(800)-426-4291 for a current price on your grinding sludge or hard scarp.

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