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At Basic Carbide, our products are both affordable and remarkably durable, proving excellent for use in high speed cutting tools, tube and pipe rolling, wear applications, seal rings, general tooling, and much more. Tungsten carbide is used in a wide variety of manufacturing operations as diverse as drills and mills, CNC lathes, vertical turret lathes, orifices, mechanical seal faces and seats, and chucks.

Basic has the capability of producing blanks and preforms in a wide range of sizes, from the very small to the very large, and can produce custom low-volume parts as well as high- volume parts.

At Basic Carbide, our tungsten carbide products are graded to meet the challenges of today’s high temperature and high speed cutting environments. As needed, we also use 3rd party services to offer centerless grinding and limited surface grinding to our customers

Tungsten carbide is the number one choice in manufacturing for lathe machines and automatic machines. Basic Carbide provides less stock on you preforms which greatly reduces machine cycle times.  Since the introduction of tungsten carbide tools in manufacturing, machinists have been able to do their jobs faster, longer, and with much less breakage.

Tungsten carbide has unique properties that allow it to significantly outlast tool steel under a variety of tough conditions. In applications where tools are subjected to deflection, heavy loading and extreme wear, tungsten carbide does the job.

Basic Carbide Corporation is a reliable partner in meeting your carbide tooling needs. To learn more, call us at 1-800-426-4291 or use our Contact Form today.

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