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Carbide Tools in the Beverage & Aerosol Markets

Basic Carbide has the capability of producing all types of can tooling for the Beverage and Aerosol industries, and has rapid turnaround capability to help minimize production down time.

Carbide tools perform more cost effectively as they can operate continually and reliably at high speeds and at temps under 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

At Basic Carbide, our tungsten carbide preforms and blanks are graded to meet the challenges of today’s high speed, continuous operating environments. As needed, we also use 3rd party services to offer centerless grinding and limited surface grinding to our customers

Tungsten carbide is the number one choice in the beverage and aerosol industries for applications like assembly, deburring & cleaning, drilling & tapping, heat treating, and more.

Tungsten carbide has unique properties that allow it to significantly outlast tool steel under a variety of tough conditions. In applications where tools are subjected to deflection, heavy loading and extreme wear, tungsten carbide does the job.

Basic Carbide Corporation is a reliable partner in meeting your carbide tooling needs. To learn more, call us at 1-800-426-4291 or use our Contact Form today.

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