Automotive Carbide

engine block, carbide drillingAutomotive Cutting Tools

The automotive industry needs carbide cutting tools for a variety of operations in car manufacturing, including engines, transmissions, axles, and steering assemblies. Tungsten carbide helps produce high performance auto parts that can withstand excessive heat and wear.

Basic Carbide produces a wide variety of tooling blanks for the Automotive Industry from large die blanks to punch blanks.

Basic Carbide has developed a special proprietary Wire E.D.M. sintering process for stress-relief of large die blanks, and a special grade – BC-12C – designed to better withstand the stresses of Wire E.D.M. machining.

In addition, Basic Carbide has sinter-H.I.P. capability at all of our plants for applications requiring it.

With every model and modification, car makers need updated revisions to tungsten carbide preforms and blanks.

Tungsten carbide has unique properties that allow it to significantly outlast tool steel under a variety of tough conditions. In applications where tools are subjected to deformation and deflection, heavy loading and extreme wear, impact and high temperature, tungsten carbide does the job.

Basic Carbide Corporation is a reliable partner in meeting your carbide tooling needs. To learn more, call us at 1-800-426-4291 or use our Contact Form today.

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